Bus 4 Us-Hillsboro Area Seniors

The Greater Hillsbrough Seniors
 are in the process of raising money to purchase a "senior friendly bus" in order to provide transportation to local activities, for enrichment or fun, shopping, out to lunch, the movies, and to socialize with other seniors.     The local area has NO public transportation.   In our rural community some area seniors have not been able to travel outside because of the lack of public transportation.  The bus would open doors for our seniors.  It would help them to break through the transportation barrier and enrich their lives.    GHSS has borrowed a van for a limited number of shopping trips, but this van is neither large enough to adequately serve our members, nor is it 'senior friendly.'    Having our own bus would allow us to provide greatly needed services and opportunities for outings to seniors living in our community.    Currently we service the New Hampshire towns of:  Hillsborough, Deering, Antrim, Bennington, Windsor, and Washington.    As many of our seniors have friends in other nearby communities we also gladly allow them to participtate with us. The bus we purchase will not be for exclusive use of GHSS; rather it will be made available to local groups.

Donations for the Bus 4 Us can be made through the crowd source web site 'Go Fund Me (http://www.gofundme.com/bus4us). While Go Fund Me is a convenient way to donate, the site charges a small fee for each donation. GHSS is also pleased to accept cheques, made out to Greater Hillsborough Seniors Services and mailed to:

Greater Hillsborough Seniors Services
PO Box 1511
Hillsborough, NH 03244

All charitable contributions to GHSS are fully tax deductible as we are part of the Hillsborough Area Community Services Corporation, which has qualified as an Internal Revenue Service Section  501 (c) (3) entity.

If your donation is 5,000 or more your name can be on the bus as a sponsor

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  1. I will honor the memory of my Peasley & Daigle families by sending in a donation for this worthy cause. My mother's family, including Uncle Clifton and Aunt Ruth Peasley, resided in Hillsboro and Washington, NH for several generations. By supporting seniors in your communities, you help all live healthier and happier lives. Thank you for your great work.