Monday, January 21, 2019


Here is your January issue of the GHSS newsletter Seniors Alive! for January 2019!

The hottest item (as I write this the temperature is 0 outside: pretty cool, no?) in this issue is the upcoming annual CHINESE NEW YEAR LUNCHEON.

This year the Chinese New Year luncheon will take place at noon on 5 Feb in Deering Town Hall. The luncheon will once again be catered by Hillsborough's own, inimitable Ming Du and at a paltry price of a mere $7.00. Best deal in town. To reserve -- and you must reserve! -- contact Marie Merrow at 464-3067.

 Read about several bus trips. SHOOOOPPPPPPINGGGGGG! Get on board!

You might want to begin thinking about offloading some of that junk (to some, treasure to others) that's been taking up space in the attic this spring. The annual Cabin Fever Flea Market will take place on 23 March at the Hillsborough American Legion post. Reserve your table now! Contact Pat Mathieson at 464-5029.

Finally: Actually it is kind of a FINALE for our dear OLD bus Betsy.. She is tired. She has HUFFED and PUFFED and HUFFED and PUFFED again and again until, well, there's not a lot of HUFFING and PUFFING left in the dear old girl. She has served our GREATER HILLSBOROUGH community admirably these past several years. OH, THE STORIES SHE COULD TELL! oF TRAIPSIN and GENERALLY HAPPY things for our SENIORS. Time has come to ask you to contribute to GHSS to help us replace our bus with a newer one. Remember, she is THE ONLY SHOW IN TOWN. The only community based (almost) free transportation service for the seniors in our area Please help us by making a donation to GHSS. now. Contact Pat Mathieson (464-5029) or any board member. GHSS is a 501(c3) charitable organization and donations are tax deductible where applicable.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Raffle Winner!

The winner of the beautiful Christmas quilt created by Barbara Hayes was Olivia Davenport of Hillsborough, NH.  Congratulations!