Monday, March 30, 2015


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Friday, March 27, 2015



Yesterday a friend send an anguished message. She is 'of a certain' age, and she realizes that her prom queen years are past. We've all gone a bit soft here and there. Some of us no longer sport golden tresses, or tresses of any color for that matter, and some of us might weigh a bit more than we would like.  It happens! Still, we don't need to find messages from friends in our in-box directing us to this or that web site where we will learn how to grow hair, get vitamins, lose weight ... and on and on and on. My friend was highly offended that one of her colleagues, a mutual friend, would have the nerve to send her such a link. My friend was hurt and angry.

Well, have faith! Our friends actually never would do such a thing. My friends were victims of a scam known as 'pfishing.'  Pfishing involves one of those cyber baddies somehow gaining access to your email address book and then using that book to circulate a spurious message containing a link to a bogus, usually medical, product to everybody in the book. The message appears to have come from the owner of the address book, who is often a friend or even family member. I do not think there is anything that the person whose address book has been 'pfished' can do. In my experience the pfishing happens once, a bunch of people get upset and the scam moves to its next victim. 

You should not click on the link included in the pfished message.  It might well be a way to infect your own computer with malware of some sort. How can you recognize the message as being the result of pfishing? Well,  to begin with you should not go to any link that comes in your in-box unless you specifically know it to be valid. Next, the pfished message is going to have the name of somebody you know on it, but ask yourself: would my friend be sending me a link to something without any explanation? No, but to be sure, contact your friend and ask them directly. 

I do not know how the baddies gain access to email addresses. I have been told, though, that one way is through innocent emails that you send as a batch, to several people at once. One way to protect those sendings is to use the 'bcc' facility on the address line of your message. Send the message to yourself but  send it to everybody else as a 'bcc.' In this way the list of recipients is not revealed; each recipient sees only her or his address. Sombody bent on nefarious doings will not see the list of addresses. 

I do not know whether malware protectors, such as Malwarebytes (which is considered to be very good and can be downloaded for free from ), can protect against pfishing, but it is a good idea to have anti malware protection on your computer ..... because there are a lot of baddies lurking in cyberspace!



We are pleased to announce that on Thursday, 25th March the winning raffle ticket for this Spring basket was drawn. 

The winner was Judy Avery.

The Spring Fling Raffle helped Greater Hillsborough Senior Services inch closer to the goal of purchasing a community bus (Bus-4-Us) by raising $203.00 

We thank everybody who participated in the raffle! Stay tuned for more chances to win!

Thursday, March 26, 2015



The Greater Hillsborough Senior Services second luncheon for March was held in Deering Community Church on Wednesday, March 25th. The heart of the menu was a prime example of Italian Comfort Food: spaghetti topped with meatballs and a knock-yer-socks-off, made-from-scratch (by Patty Samuels. Disclaimer: I am Patty's husband and biased in a real big way!) tomato/red pepper sauce. This was served with a green salad. garlic bread and coffee, tea and water (What! No vino? Che cosa?).  For dessert, Patty presented a tiramisu that seemed to generate a lip smacking, happy palate din in the church hall. The kitchen crew for today included head chef Patty, sous chef George Arvenataki and line chefs Lee Avery, Joyce Peace, Richard Little and Gary Samuels. Yvonne Wiegelman decorated each table with pretty white chrysanthemums, which were set off by the red napkins. 

As an unexpected surprise, Dave McNair joined us. Dave, who lives in Prince Edward Island, up there in Canada, escapes the cold by coming South -- to Hillsborough! It turns out that Dave can make pretty good music come out of Joyce Peace's mother's piano, and his playing kept people together in the hall, enjoying each other's company long after the tables had been cleared. We hope that Dave will become a 'regular' at our luncheons! (Yvonne signed Dave up for some of the gigs that she produces in Hillsborough, so keep an eye out for him 'at a theatre near you!')

All-in-all the Deering Community Church hall was briefly transformed into a favorite restaurant on Arthur Ave in Little Italy of the Bronx! Certainly none of the 32 patrons left the hall hungry. From what I heard from those who were there, this luncheon had it all: great food and a warm sense of community. The fact that the day was nice, sunny and (relatively) warm, was a  BIG plus!

The next GHSS luncheon will be held on April 9th at St Mary's church, in Hillsborough. Ham will be on the menu. We hope to see y'all there! Please contact Marie Merrow (464-3067) or Marie Mogavero (464-4726) to reserve

Monday, March 23, 2015



Spaghetti and meatballs. Garlic bread. Salad. Tira Misu for dessert.

The ultimate in comfort food!

When? Wednesday, March 25, Noon
Were? Deering Community Church
Cost? $5.00

Don't miss this one! Support GHSS and Bus-4-Us!

Contact Marie Merrow (464-3067) or Marie Mogavero (464-4726) to reserve

Friday, March 20, 2015





First day of Spring as I write this. Hard to believe, but the signs are everywhere. Our cats have been spending time on the porch for the past two weeks and willow branches are a bright yellow. And, as they say, the sap is rising!  Come on up the hill to Deering and join the annual Maple Syrup Demo at the Homestead Sap House, off Reservoir Road from 10 am - 3 pm. It's a cozy event with sap boiling away, donuts, coffee and old, and new, friends. This event is sponsored by the Deering Association and is free and open to everybody.


It may be Spring, but I could understand why you might not want to head for the nearest swimming hole or preview your Easter  Bonnet on Main St. I can also understand why you might be experiencing a wee bit of CABIN FEVER. Well, one antidote to cabin fever is the GHSS CABIN FEVER FLEA  MARKET at Hillsborough American Legion Post 59 (539 West Main St, Hillsborough) this Saturday, 21 March, from 8 am to 3 pm. All the available tables have been taken so there should be lots of items to delight your critical eye! The proceeds go to Greater Hillsborough Senior Services Bus-4-US campaign. So BUY A LOT OF STUFF!

Thursday, March 12, 2015



Patty and I usually don’t like the same kinds of film but with Chef we both left the (virtual, i.e. sofa) theatre smiling. In this film Carl Casper (Jon Favreau), chef of an upscale and successful LA restaurant, receives a bad review from an influential critic (Oliver Platt). This leads to a ‘rematch’ between the chef and the critic, but restaurant owner Dustin Hoffman refuses to let Chef Carl fly. Chef Carl quits.  His former wife, Sofia Vergara, and mother of their preteen son, is a glamorous Cuban American from Miami who has been pushing Chef Carl to sell Cuban sandwiches from a truck. The chef and his ex-wife get along well and chef spends alternate weekends with his son. I think the chef questioned his ability to be a good father for his son because their meetings seemed to be unfulfilling. The chef had promised to take the kid to New Orleans before leaving the restaurant but could not fulfill the promise after leaving the restaurant.  Having no other prospects Chef Carl agrees to the idea of the food truck. He takes his son to Miami, where they meet an entrepreneur (Robert Downey, Jr.) who has had some sort of relationship with the chef’s wife, and who agrees to bank-roll the truck. In Miami the chef, the  chef’s best friend (John Leguisamo) who is a former line chef at the LA restaurant, and vacationing son launch the food truck. In Miami they learn their chops and have great success. They have to return to LA, which they do via a roadtrip through the Gulf States and Texas. The kid, who is highly adept at social media, develops thousands of followers and spreads advance notice of where and when the truck will be in 'your' neighborhood. Lines of good-natured, hungry people form at the window. That’s the front story. The back story is of Chef Carl finding out who he is and what is most important in life. Duh: his family, including his ex- and their child. With the truck Dad teaches his son to be a line chef and in the process the two bond even more firmly. The food looks wonderful, the Latin music is infectious, the characters are all sympathetic, and the story is highly engaging. There are no negatives to this film. Nobody gets hurt (unless they overeat) and there are no dark turns (chef eventually reconciles with the LA critic). I cannot recommend this picture highly enough.

Chef is available from Netflix either as the DVD or to watch instantly, or from Redbox (I do not know whether our local Redboxes have Chef).

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Celebrate literacy with Tomie dePaola April 18 in Concord

Tomie dePaola (c) Julie Maris/SemelBeloved author and illustrator Tomie dePaola will discuss his work and inspirations in an interview with award-winning author Rebecca Rule at this free event hosted by the New Hampshire Humanities Council's Connections adult literacy program on Saturday, April 18 at 2 p.m. at the Concord City Auditorium.

One of our 40 signature events in celebration
of our four decades of connecting people with ideas, this event is free and open to all, but registration is required. Tickets will be on Monday, March 9 at 9 a.m. 

This event is made possible in part
by generous support from